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Calisthenics for Deskworkers

The ClubCal Calisthenics for Desk Workers Course: This COURSE will help to strengthen, mobilize, and stretch the parts of your body that feel the negative effects of sitting the most…

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Full Body Mobility

If you’ve ever thought that you are stuck, or unable to harness your body’s natural abilities, we’re here to tell you that your full freedom of movement, and the development…

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Stall Bar

Welcome to the very FIRST Calisthenics Course designed specifically around our favorite piece of equipment … Stall Bars!

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Simonster Planche & Lever Course

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of … especially if you are a bodyweight or calisthenics student … the extremely unique and rare opportunity to train with calisthenics pro and international phenomenon Simon Ata (aka: Simonster Strength) in an easy follow-along format.

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30-Day Handstand Challenge

Welcome to the CLUBCAL 30-DAY Handstand CHALLENGE!  We’re excited to see your journey 🙂 Remember, there are modifications (regressions or progressions) for each drill so that it’s suitable for most…

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Intro to Calisthenics

At ClubCal, we believe that calisthenics training should be accessible to anyone and EVERYONE! That’s why we created this intro Course; to get your body prepped to understand the foundational…

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