Stall Bar Course

We are so excited to announce the release of the FIRST and ONLY Stall Bar Course … EVER! This course can be used on its own to help you achieve a full-body workout, or, you can also use it in tandem with your specific fitness program to help you improve athletic performance. 

Stall bars are used for conditioning the body for calisthenics skills such as human flag, pull-ups, handstand, press work, manna compression, and more.

Stall bars are cost-efficient, take up very little space, and can be used to gain strength and mobility for the entire body.

In this one-of-a-kind Course, you’ll get that ClubCal Tribal Vibe, AND:

—>> A monthly 28-Day Workout Plan

—>> Printable cheat sheets

—>> 9 custom follow-along workouts

—>> Coach support

Don’t have a stall bar yet? Visit our friends at Beyond Balance to get yours (Use code: clubcal to get 10% OFF your order!).

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you!

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