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We’ve taken the BEST, most effective techniques from calisthenics, gymnastics strength and bodyweight training and fused them together for the most comprehensive training system. Each calisthenics-based follow-along workout is easy to use and designed for all fitness levels and abilities.


Whether you are an absolute beginner or more experienced athlete, these fun online classes will challenge you in new ways, while helping you stay accountable to your goals.

Building Strength with Calisthenics

Until today, there are most likely some BIG reasons that you haven’t found a workout program that’s effective in building strength and is super fun.

⇒ ACCESS – You’ve never had ACCESS to a complete training system that includes workouts for ALL-ABILITIES. 

⇒ EXPANSIVE WORKOUT LIBRARY – Our follow-along classes focus on progressive strength and mobility to help build your calisthenics skills.  

⇒ WORKOUT BURNOUT – You’ve experienced injury or burnout. Why stick with something that isn’t sustainable?

⇒ BOREDOM – You’ve tried follow-along classes online but get BORED. Our library of classes are geared to help you achieve your goals, and our exercises and coaches are FUN and engaging. 

⇒ COST – You’re on a budget, and haven’t found a fitness program that’s affordable. At only $1/day, we’ve taken the financial burden out of your way. 

⇒ RESULTS – You’ve tried so many different types of fitness, and haven’t seen results! You have goals (whether skill-based, or overall strength or mobility) and you have yet to see improvement or the results you’d hoped for.

Here’s an inside look at some simple and effective exercises we use to train towards each skill –because we believe in SHOWING you what you can expect.

Calisthenics Exercise Diagram

"We blend bodyweight calisthenics with traditional weight training to get you closer to that human flag, muscle-up, planche, pistol squat, front lever, handstand and more." - Coach Seth

About Our Coaches

Our team seriously rocks! They are passionate about calisthenics and are leaders in the industry, implementing methods from Simon Ata, Fitness FAQ, Cirque, FRC, GymnasticBodies, KinStretch, GMB, NASM, Yoga, and more into each workout! They are here to empower your growth and help you conquer your goals.

Forget about Immediate Results.

We believe in bringing kindness to your body when working towards goals. Each person is different with unique strengths and abilities. With this in mind, you WON’T wreck your body but you WILL get stronger!

Take a Look Inside

Handstand Classes

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to get upside down or if you are looking to build your handstand endurance we've got effective workouts that will help you develop strength and balance.

Strength Classes

Strength classes use a combination of bodyweight and traditional strength training methods to build total-body strength that leads to the development of new skills including; front/back lever, planche, muscle-up, handstand pushup, one arm chin-up, human flag, manna, deadlift, squat variations, nordic curl and lunge.

Mobility Classes

Each focused class combines strength and flexibility training to create mobility in your joints and spine. The movements in these classes will complement the training in the strength and handstand classes we offer and are designed to help you minimize injuries.

Stretch Classes

These slower-paced classes focus on giving your body the love it craves. From targeted areas of work that parallel your work on a certain skill, to general flexibility, these classes take you through stretches that allow your body to relax and ease into creating mobility in the joints and spine.

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Your Membership Includes...

High-Quality Videos

Each follow-along class comes with a description of the workout and includes filters to sort by skill level, coach and equipment needed so there are no surprises and you’re guaranteed to be ready to workout! Our students say the classes feel like a personal training session!

28-Day Workout Programs

We’ll send you a Calisthenics ‘Skill of the month’ to work towards, with a 28-day workout plan that will help you progress your body’s mobility and strength to get closer to the skill!


Regardless of where you start, each of our nearly 100 follow-along classes has modifications for progressions and regressions, based on your current abilities. You’ll find that each class is designed to meet you where you’re at!

Equipment Access

Easy access to the equipment in our follow-along classes. Although there are modifications for ZERO equipment for most of our classes, some of them do use equipment. Plus, we’ve got discount codes for you if you’re looking to add to your at-home gym!

Shop Talk

Each follow-along class has the option for you to post questions, or give feedback! Use the comment feature to start a conversation with other students, or give your opinion!

Help & Support

We’re in the journey with you! Your team of coaches is always happy to answer questions, view your progress or give suggestions for classes based on your unique needs.

FREE access to nearly 100 follow-along classes!

The most effective techniques from calisthenics, gymnastics strength and bodyweight training are used to create the most comprehensive training system. Each calisthenics-based follow-along workout is easy to use and designed for all fitness levels and abilities.

What our Members are saying...


"Wow, what a community! With the help of ClubCal's online programming and classes, I have been able to significantly progress in my strength and flexibility training, all from the comfort of my home or park. The coaches are continually introducing innovative exercises and creative gear into the programming, all the while providing individualized attention: advanced exercises, modifications for all levels, or helpful training tips. Working out with my ClubCal fitness family is the highlight of my day!" -Sheridan

Katie Flass

"I love the strength and handstand classes... it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out, it feels like you’re playing! As a working mom who has a hectic life living in a Northern climate where it’s not always easy to travel to the gym, I rely on the ClubCal classes that make it easy to work out from home. My kids even wanted to join in and do the workouts with me, which was so fun. We as adults don’t play enough or have fun! We are trapped in our to-do lists and responsibilities of adulthood. We don’t have time to play with our own workouts or play with our kids! These ClubCal classes killed two birds with one stone. I noticed a big boost in my mental state and in my physical strength, and the workouts have even helped reduce my neck pain from sitting at a desk." -Katie

Tesh Patel

"ClubCal is more than just a place to workout. The online classes are both fun and challenging. The coaches push you and provide alternatives to every movement depending on your skill level. If you hit plateaus and need to push yourself to the next level, this is where you need to be. Such a great community feel, I promise that you will not be disappointed." -Tesh

Matt Brower

"I've been loving the online classes at ClubCal! The coaches make it easy to follow and give great alternatives if I don't have the right equipment for a particular exercise. It feels amazing to be this sore again" -Matt


"I'm not usually a fan of online training- or mobility work for that matter. I took a stretch class and it exceeded my expectations on every level. I found it to be super engaging and the instructions were very clear. Since then I have taken other online classes from Clubcal and they did not disappoint! I recommend giving this a shot- you have nothing to lose." -Z.S.

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